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Interim Recruiters A growing number of large organisations are evaluating the use of interim recruiters, or contract recruiters. This is understandable given that an internal recruiting capability can add huge value to a company and a large corporate does not necessarily have to go down the outsourced recruitment or RPO route. The UK is still in the early stages of its ‘in house’ interim recruiters evolution and, unlike the USA, the career option for interim recruiters or contract recruiters are relatively new. As such very few individuals have the experience or ability to provide a value adding recruiting service or for an interim recruiters basis. In fact, the majority of contract recruiters in the market are those who have somehow fallen between agency and permanent in house recruiting roles.

All cph interim recruiters are trained in our corporate recruiting methodology

Interim Recruitment Any company that is looking to utilize contract recruiters or interim recruiters needs to understand what they are contracting for and what it can expect in terms of service delivery and results. Is it contract recruiters or interim recruiters who can manage an agency PSL and help to drive the recruiting process, or is it someone who can directly source candidates form the market, manage hiring manager relationships and support them and their candidates though the hiring process? - The latter is the more ‘value adding’. However, bringing a recruiter from an agency into an ‘in house’ role with no training, and no experience of working in a corporate environment, nor the tools to directly source candidates and expecting them to deliver is unrealistic at best and potentially damaging to the business at worst.

cph interim recruiters source candidates directly from the market

With day rates increasing for interim recruiters, or contract recruiters, as a result of the increasing trend in demand for their services, more recruiters are being encouraged to become interim recruiters. Unfortunately, this has had the overall effect of diluting the quality on recruiters on the market and further diminished the prospects of finding Interim recruiters who can add real value to a business.

cph interim recruiters are self-funding through the savings they make – the business case is compelling

Interim Management Recruitment The issue is quite simple - when you hire interim recruiters you get just that. With no sourcing tools, no structured training, and at best access to their own network of possible candidates but with insufficient time to exploit it because of the volume of roles they are handling, the easiest hires for them to make are from agencies. The associated agency placement fees for which make the case for using a contract recruiter or interim recruiter void.

cph’s interim recruiters offering has provided organisations with interim or contract recruiters for assignments of between six months and 2+ years. All of cph’s interim recruiters will have been trained in it’s corporate recruiting methodology so understand how to directly source and manage both the process and politics in a corporate environment. They will all have access to cph’s vast network of contacts, and a range of sourcing tools - including job boards, online databases and the LinkedIn RPS corporate recruiter platform - enabling them to directly source candidates from the market and avoiding the use of agencies. This enables them to be self-funding, saving significant amounts over and above the cost of their time. Our interim recruiters have helped a number of companies (including SAP, Pegasystems, Brocade, 2e2 and VCE) to develop a direct candidate sourcing capability, supplementing their ‘in house’ recruitment team.

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